Online Medicare Compliance Training

Medicare Fraud, Waste and Abuse.
The False Claims Act is the primary tool to combat fraud and abuse against government health care programs. It is estimated that some $67 to $230 billion is lost to fraud, waste or abuse each year.

This course provides an overview of the False Claims Act, Anti-kickback statute, Stark Law the new staff communication mandates from The Deficit Reduction Act. It also details employer and employee responsibilities in preventing and identifying fraud and abuse and includes whistle blower activities and employee protections.

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Course Objectives

In this course students will learn:

The laws that are used to combat fraud and abuse against government health care programs.
       - The False Claims Act
     - The Anti-Kickback statute
     - Physician Self-Referral ("Stark") Statute
     - Deficit Reduction Act
How employers can prevent false claims
How employees can avoid False Claims Act violations
The role of whistleblowers in False Claims Act suits
How Whistleblowers are protected
The key legal steps in filing suits and how the government joins
State False Claims Acts

Course Agenda

Section 1 - Introduction to Fraud and Abuse
Section 2 - Combating Health Care Fraud
Section 3 - False Claims Act (FCA) Overview
Section 4 - How Employers Can Prevent False Claims
Section 5 - How Employees Can Avoid FCA Violations
Section 6 - Role of Whistleblowers in FCA Suits
Section 7 - Government Joining a Suit as a Plaintiff
Section 8 - State False Claims Act
Section 9 - Summary
Section 10 - Assessment

Key Course Features

Clear Course Objectives
Engaging & Relevant Animated Scenarios
  • Audio Narration
    • Relevant Use of Graphics and Text
Learners Must Complete Each Course Page
Section Review Questions
End of Course Assessment - 80% passing score
Test questions randomly pulled from test question pool
Certificate of Completion

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